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Tuesday, 02 February 2016 13:12

Outback Tour Schedule 2016

Below you can find a one stop view of all tours conducted through the Outback. Please check back regularly - this page will be updated at regular intervals. Simply click on the underlined link to view our writeup on the tour:

Date Link for details Cost from Nights/ Rounds
10-11 May PSC - Lotus Valley & Royal Hills Contact PSC 1 nights/ 2rounds
12-17 Jun Chiang Mai Thb 10,000 5 nights/ 3rounds
July 7-17 Phuket Thb 36,900 10 nights/ 5rounds
11-16 Sept Hua Hin Thb 12,600 5 nights/ 3rounds
3-14 Nov South Africa FULL 10 nights/ 5rounds
26-29 Dec Kanchantaburi TBD 3 nights/ 3rounds
17-19 Jan'17 Lotus Valley/Royal Hills THB 7800 2 nights/ 3rounds
7-9 Feb'17 Soi Dao/Kabinburi THB 7000 2 nights/ 3rounds
12-17 Mar'17 Hua Hin THB 18,500 5 nights/ 3rounds
9-18 Apr'17 Vietnam TBD 9 nights/ 5rounds


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Sunday, 10 January 2016 11:38

Outback Charity Contribution

Thanks to the generous contribution of our Year end party attendees on 23 December, we were able to raise Thb 13,500 from the raffle tickets sold. For all those that contributed, a great thanks and on Sat. 9th Jan the formal opening of the new Baan Jing Jai orphanage was attended by Tawan and myself.

In the prior weeks to the event, and with the help of George Benniston from the PSC, we consulted with the management of Baan Jing Jai and got a list of needed items. Tawan, busy as always, purchased the items for the orphanage, ranging from Pigeon racks and lockers, shoe racks, toy box containers, cleaning materials, and even tissues - not big ticket items, but nonetheless things which will help the kids at the orphanage have a better quality of life.

I once again thank you for your contributions and help us in our efforts to give back to the community that we are part of.

BJJ Main photo

BJJ kids

BJJ Pigeon Racks

BJJ Locker

BJJ Tawan Shoerack

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Sunday, 10 January 2016 12:46

January Newsletter


December Medal Winners


Welcome to our 2nd monthly newsletter and Happy New Year from all of us at the Outback. We will share the latest news with you, from what’s happening at the restaurant, golf schedules, up and coming events, the latest on Outback’s tours, specials and a general update on changes and improvements - all to serve you, our valued customers better and keep you more informed.

Restaurant and Bar Update

Food picture - 200x200

We received some very positive feedback about our breakfasts and a couple of customers even went as far as saying that our breakfast quality is now as good if not the best in Pattaya. We are starting to see some golfing customers having breakfast with us even when they stay in hotels in town or when they play at different courses with other society’s. 

Some mornings in December got very busy with a lot of breakfasts being prepared simultaneously. As we have done with our golfers that we pick up in town, you too may now order your breakfast when you leave home and within 15 minutes it will be ready, allowing you to enjoy a great breakfast without delay before you head off to play golf or be on your way to work or other activity. Simply give Tawan a call on 090 125 9030 anytime after 7am and we’ll have a hot breakfast ready for you within minutes after you arrive at the Outback. 

Not taking away from other great dishes we have, great customer favorites which the Outback is becoming renowned for are our Bacon and Liver, Double Cheeseburgers and fries, Baby Pork ribs, Massaman and Chicken Cashew nut dishes. If you haven’t had any of these recently, I would highly encourage you to try these dishes and many more. 

If you are too busy and don’t want to leave home, look again at our take away menu and we'll deliver (for free) to patrons within a reasonable radius from the restaurant. 

Click here to find us on Trip Advisor. If you rate us and tell us when you next visit the Outback, mention it to Andre or Tawan and your next main course with us will be 10% discounted, irrespective of what you wrote about your experience at the Outback!

Outback Golf Tours

The Lotus Valley tour from 11-14 January is filling up nicely, and there are still a few spots available. Where can you find 3 nights accommodation in a beautiful area and 4 rounds of golf for only 9,700 baht? Please contact me ASAP if you would like to go!

In addition to the Hua Hin tour in March, the Phuket tour in July and the South Africa tour in November, we’re also working on a number of other initiatives for this year which will include May and September with possibly some smaller and shorter tours in between. More details on this in upcoming editions.

Golf in Pattaya

2Congratulations to Peter Nixon who was crowned as the 2015 Outback Order of Merit Champion. Read about our year end event and fabulous party here!

Our schedule for January including rates is on the website and displayed at the bar. January will be a very busy month for us, and we will now and in future include thePSC events. This month, you will see the PSC Club Championship in our schedule - please sign up for this at the Outback - we have 5 tee slots available at very convenient times. 

You will also find our Lotus Valley and Royal Hills games on the schedule and a few changes to Wednesday’s. Following the great success of our Year end function (read about it here), we will play Parichat in a 2 ball scramble format on the last Wednesday of every month and I hope this becomes a popular outing on this otherwise very difficult course. You can read all about the latest results and competitions for December by clicking here.

Regarding Handicaps and competitions, we have been using the Tournament Manager software of the USGA (as supplied by PSC), for the last month, and I will continue to do so as it provides everything that we need without the complication of another handicap system. You can read about the rationale and the benefits on our website. Click on this link to find out more.

Specials and promotions

BEER Bucket Specials smallNew Year Beer buckets and Margharitas

Tawan has learnt the art of putting together awesome Margharita’s which is best served by the jug. We will continue our promotion for 550Baht for a jug of 8 glasses.

Also on offer, our Beer Bucket specials which will continue for January (see price list in picture). Buy a bucket, get a free beer!

Are we missing someone?
If you have not received our monthly newsletter by email and would like to receive it by email, please subscribe here. You can also reach me directly in a number of ways if you click here 

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